Neil Perry-Timson's Original Artwork

Welcome to the Exclusive Collection of Neil Perry-Timson’s Original Artwork

Delve into the vibrant and thought-provoking world of Neil Perry-Timson, the founder of The Zen Rooms and a passionate artist with a background in art and design at the university level. Each piece in this collection reflects Neil’s deep connection with holistic and spiritual elements, seamlessly blending these themes with artistic expression.
As an artist, Neil views creativity as an integral part of his holistic and spiritual journey. His works are more than just visual pieces; they are expressions of his inner explorations and understandings of the world around us. Through his art, Neil invites you to engage with themes that resonate deeply with the ethos of The Zen Rooms – balance, mindfulness, and the quest for inner peace.
This exclusive category showcases Neil’s original artwork, offering you a unique opportunity to bring a piece of this spiritual and creative journey into your own space. Each artwork is a one-of-a-kind creation, imbued with the essence of tranquillity, contemplation, and enlightenment that The Zen Rooms embodies.
Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a follower of holistic practices, or someone seeking a meaningful connection through art, this collection is sure to captivate and inspire. Explore the range of Neil Perry-Timson’s original paintings and immerse yourself in the harmony of colour, form, and spirit.
Discover the perfect piece to enrich your home, office, or meditation space – a testament to the beauty of artistic expression intertwined with a deeper understanding of the holistic and spiritual realms.

Browse, reflect, and find your piece of tranquillity today.

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